Directioners! Remember the moment when Niall got braces or when Lou turned 20? The night Harry slept at Caroline’s or when Liam introduced us to Andy? All the days spent waiting for a new song to be released or wondering when they would upload a new video? Remember the worry of missing their documentary and the joy of seeing them win a Brit? Think of all those times when somebody insulted them and we would come together and put a stop to it. All those times when Narnian fans would stay up all night and the UK fans would livestream stuff to them. I miss these things. I miss everything the 1D family used to be. Yeah, I still have these memories but I want more. I don’t want to just accept the fact that we hate each other or that nothing will be the same again. Do you want to fangirl alone? Or do you want to go back to the times when you could connect to a complete stranger over the love you shared for One Direction? No matter who joins the fandom, or what we end up going through, Directioners need to stick together. Remember what Liam said? They need us and lets face it, we need them too. We might be different in a million ways, but 1D ties us together. Even if you leave the fandom, you’ll always remember your time here. So please, don’t let our family crumble, help build it again. We’ll come back, deadlier than ever!




i need to reblog this.

to let my followers know i still love 1D.

because, as expected, they did not get my point </3

This is so true we need to stand together as a family

Bless This Post <3

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