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5SOS Official Book // Behind the Scenes

Title: Rock Me
Artist: One Direction
Played: 86743 times




Zayn鈥檚 high note in Rock Me (Adelaide 25/09/2013)

if i figured out the correct pitch he is singing a B. THAT IS REALLY FUCKING HIGH!!! AND it sounds flawless

"omg one direction obviously cant sing they just pretty boys lol"

Charlotte ~ 27/9


their style changed

their songs changed

their voices changed

they grew up

but na na na stayed


i don鈥檛 wanna die because there鈥檚 gonna be so much good music released after i die, like you know beethoven is probably looking down on us wishing he could bop along to 1d



zayn sounds so good in steal my girl, zayn sounds so good in fireproof, zayn sounds so good in this new album, zayn sounds so good all the time, ZAYN

I want to do one in the middle, look at the lens, and go: 鈥楬aaa~鈥

2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 2 - show

Title: Black Keys
Artist: Jonas Brothers
Played: 4777 times

And the black keys never looked so beautiful
And a perfect rainbow never seemed so dull
And the lights out never had this bright of glow
And the black keys are showing me a world I never knew